What Emotions Enhance Customer Loyalty?

Written by  Marianna Martirosyan

18 January 2018

What Emotions Enhance Customer Loyalty?

Emotions play a great role in any aspect of human life no matter its personal or business relations. Happiness and sadness, anxiety and peace, anger and delight are emotions that everyone has felt at least once in his life. The most interesting is that one may think that an emotion is a consequence of something, and it’s, indeed, true. But on the other hand, emotions can be a beginning, a reason for something more global too. Emotions may start building devotion, loyalty, distaste or even hatred. In other words, simple emotions can be a fundamental basis of more global emotions, and hence, attitude.




Why Emotional Connections Matter?



Just like in personal interrelations, emotions are a vital aspect in business relations too. You know why? Because the emotions you deliver to your customer have a straight relation to your brand name and the prosperity of your business. And your work field is not even important! Emotional connections matter because they decide the future of your business. No matter how hard you want your business to be okay, you shouldn’t be in a fool’s paradise. That’s exactly where you should  closely track the emotional aspect of your customers-to-be. If they are satisfied, you are sitting pretty.





How to Put Emotional Connections to Work?



Have you ever thought how to put emotional connections to work? It’s simple! You just have to understand what emotions people experience when facing your business or brand. If you are a nice cozy coffeehouse like Dunkin Donuts, you should examine which coffee type and donut flavor pleases your buyer the most. If you are a website builder, like Ucraft, you should understand which kind of templates and tools yield the most positive feedback and finally, if you are a professional audit company like KPMG, you should examine the ethical approach in services your customers value the most.


All these things together will built a strong customer loyalty, which itself is the most crucial success determinant for your business.


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So what are the emotions that enhance consumer loyalty?







Imagine you buy a nice bracelet in Pandora shop and at the cash desk they include a special gift for you, or you are told to have won a bonus card. Or you go to a nice bakery, you buy three donuts and get a free coffee. We all had that feeling of surprise and importance, right? Yes!


Surprises cause a stir, which is very significant because it greatly increases customers’ devotion and interest towards your brand. And this is not the end. The extremely happy and surprised customer goes home and calls his friend. He tells that Pandora shop or the bakery on the corner has nicely surprised him and made his day. This is one of the most powerful PRs for the business!








You think you know your business inside out? You believe your workflow is smooth and organized? Well, unfortunately, there are going to be mishaps anyway. Something will definitely go wrong. Your developers may miss the deadline of creating a website for your customer, or you may ship the order to the wrong address or something else. In order not to get hot under your collar, you need to understand that incidents happen.


One thing you have to understand is that the secret of success is not in having a perfect business, but in the ability to perfectly overcome the arising problems. To win your customers’ hearts you may make a personal call or compose an email on why the website is overdue or why the shipment was delayed. Believe me, this will create a sense of relief, even more, it will make the customer not care about the incident that much as he was given a special personalized approach.








Whenever the customer pays for your products or services, he expects a “value” in return. This is an exchange of mutual benefits. He pays you money, you give him value in return. When that “something” is more than your customer expected, it makes him feel truly grateful. Imagine there are many players on the field, and you offer a little more than your competitors. This will not only satisfy your customer, but will also increase the demand for your product as most of the potential buyers will change sides and come to your business.


The more the service or product you provide outweighs customers’ expectations, the more your customer will stick to you. This, again will build another firm step to the top of customer loyalty.


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And finally, to build a strong customer relationship, having a personalized approach is not always enough. You have to show your customers that they are more than customers. They are a small link supplementing to the huge mechanism of your business! They have to feel themselves important. They need to be a part of what you do.


For this you should organize special campaigns and communities with very much personalized divisions and groups, to emphasize the significance of every single person. Also, the customer needs to see that his opinion and feedback are highly appreciated.


Imagine a bookstore where the customer wanted to buy a book in Japanese. Unfortunately, the bookstore didn’t have that book and the customer left a request-suggestion concerning the book. The customer couldn't even imagine that only three days later he will be called and told that, specially for him, the book in Japanese is brought! This will make him understand that he is not just a tool of earning money from, but is a part of your business, a part of your family. This will create a sense of belonging. If you follow this advice, your work will speak volumes!








To sum up, emotions are the first determinant of a person’s attitude towards something. So are they when examining customers’ attitude towards your business. In order to have a prosperous, market driven business, you have to build strong customer relationships.


Here, tracking the technical part doesn’t convey enough data, and you have to understand what emotions enhance consumer loyalty.


The most important emotions are: surprise, relief, gratitude and belonging! You have to continually surprise you customer to increase their interest in your brand. While in case of any incidents you should make sure to come up with personalized apologetic explanation, which will momentary soften their heart.


Gratitude is not less important and may include new interesting surprises or promos that may exceed your customers’ expectations and make that feel appreciated. And finally, you have to create a sense of belonging. The customer has to feel that his feedback and generally, presence in your job is vital for your business!


To conclude, always remember that your thoughts affect your emotions. Your emotions affect your decisions. Your decisions affect your life!


These article on what emotions enhance consumer loyalty should help your business better understand your customers and build better relationships with them!


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