Ucraft Website Builder Launches Its Affiliate Program

Written by  Gog Zalibekyan

25 April 2017

Ucraft Website Builder Launches Its Affiliate Program

In case you’ve missed it, Ucraft now offers an Affiliate Program to all of you lovely folks out there interested in this earning opportunity.


Let us start off by explaining what we are hoping to achieve with this offer. The main objective of our Affiliate Program is to form long-lasting partnerships that will be mutually beneficial and that will help us grow. For us, this isn’t just a one-time thing aimed at people looking to make a quick buck. Our Affiliate Program is designed to help you find a sustainable source of income through recurring monthly payments.


So, what does all of this exactly mean for you?


It’s pretty simple and straightforward. For every new customer you refer to Ucraft, you’ll get 50% of their monthly subscription fee. This means that as long as this customer has a paid plan with Ucraft, you will receive 50% of what that customer is paying. So, you’ll payment will come from both new customers that sign up and old customers that renew their subscription.


All of this aligns with Ucraft’s goal of building meaningful and long-term relationship with both our customers and affiliates. You won’t be just an affiliate reseller—you will be more like a brand ambassador who helps Ucraft grow.


All you need to do is join our Affiliate Program by visiting our Affiliate Program page.


Once you sign up and your account gets approved, you will officially become a Ucraft affiliate.


Here’s a quick overview of what you need to dive into the world of affiliates:


Your Affiliate Link

Once your account is approved, you will be able to access the dashboard of our affiliate platform. Here you’ll generate a unique affiliate link that is intended only for you. This link will contain your specific ID. The purpose of this link is to track all the users you refer to Ucraft. This way, every customer you send our way will be counted and you will be accurately compensated.

Ucraft Visuals


In order to help you with promotion, we will provide you with all the branded images and banners you need, so you don’t have to worry about that. You just select the ones you prefer and embed them on your website or blog.

Affiliate Program Promotion


This is where your marketing skills will come into play. Use your influence and promotional tactics to spread the word about Ucraft to your audience.


Watch Your Income Grow


With everything set up and this affiliate machine up and running, you’ll be able to reap the fruits of your labour. For every paying customer you refer, your commision will increase. To help you track your earnings, we will diligently report to you through our affiliate platform.


I think we covered everything you need to know before joining our Affiliate Program. We can only succeed if we work together, that's why we encourage you to contact us if you have more question or if you need any assistance.


To discover all the benefits that Ucraft offers, explore the tools like logo maker, free website builder, blogging platform and many more.


If you are all set, just click the button below and join our affiliate program. 




Besides delivering valuable content on various subjects, Ucraft is primarily a drag and drop website builder. Our goal is to bring you an easy-to-use solution that will enable you to create beautiful websites, regardless of your previous experience.