7 Best Practice Tips To Promote B2B On LinkedIn
When someone is looking for a new job, they often check LinkedIn for probable vacancies to send a CV. What if this “someone” is not a person, but a company. Companies, like people, are looking for opportunities with new partners, that is why making B2B marketing on  LinkedIn has become a very important issue.
03 November 2018
Top Features of Your Small Business Website: Are You Missing Out on Something?
You got to have that small business website of yours. And one thing that people forget to mention is that a site online with your business name on it is not enough. In fact, it’s far away from enough. There are very important features that your website must have. And those are just the basics, the very minimum your audience demands.
07 September 2018
Use Messaging Apps to Grow Traffic to Your E-commerce Site
Nowadays, brands understand the fact that consumers like to shop from their phones and that a lot of e-commerce traffic is coming from social media. For this reason, companies from all over the world get engaged in conversational commerce using messaging apps and chatbots with their leads and current customers.
16 August 2018
Social Media Marketing as Your Secret Weapon to Success
Setting a business is a tough process, keeping that business afloat is even tougher. Today, the number one necessity for every business is, of course having a website. Once your website is ready to show off your business and your skills, it is time to get it in front of people by introducing yourself on social media platforms. Marketing, advertising, and promotion are, without a doubt, your next venture... 
31 July 2018
7 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Website
What about a perfect combination of a fancy restaurant in downtown with a top-notch website on the online platform? No matter what restaurant you represent: a coffee shop, a fast food spot, a family style cozy place or an expensive fine dining restaurant - you surely need a website to stand out.
04 July 2018
Launching a Successful B2B Website: Tips from Pros
Launching a successful B2C website is totally a different game than launching a successful B2B one. Here are some relevant, insightful and actually helpful tips from the pros! From identifying pain points to putting yourself in your customers' shoes, you got to trust their experience, right? So get to it and soak in all the advice you can.
12 June 2018
5 E-Commerce trends to pay attention to in 2018
2017 was full of surprises for the E-commerce and few steps we took during 2017 showed us what we can expect from E-commerce trends in the following year. What can you do to keep up with the updates 2018 brought us and what are the things you have to consider? Here are some of the most important E-commerce trends you’d better follow if you want to make it in 2018.
07 June 2018
How to Write an Article That Converts Readers into Buyers
Bad content isn’t only about not having call-to-action triggers. It involves bad grammar, mistakes, punctuation, lack of continuity in discourse, and so much more. By reading this article you understand which traps you can easily fall into when writing an article, but you will also find out how to avoid them and succeed in writing articles which convert.
23 May 2018

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