Why Evergreen Content is a Must-Have for Your Blog
Unless your blog is news only, you need a part of the content that remains valuable and relevant over time. In other words, your readers should learn something from it, whatever the publication date is. There are also several other reasons to add evergreen content to your blog. Check them out.
10 November 2018
UX Writing as the New Approach to Quality Content Creation
Recent developments in the User Experience research have provided us with a very important question: “Why does content matter?” This opened the floodgates for what is known as UX writing, and it has become the de facto way of creating content for young tech savvy audiences. But what does UX writing mean in practice? How does it differ from regular content writing?
12 September 2018
7 Blogging Case Studies and Reports to Grow Your Site Traffic
Many bloggers think that creating content isn’t their biggest challenge, but their biggest struggle is driving a steady stream of quality traffic to their site. They consider nothing is more frustrating than spending hours creating exceptional blog pieces, only to find that nobody reads them.
12 July 2018
7 Last Strikes of an iPhone Woman Dating an Android Man
Now, wouldn’t it be fun to sit back and look over an iPhone woman dating an Android man? I bet they’d have the worst time possible together, bumping into the unknown. But it’d be something entertaining for us, right? A cosmic battle between the two: they’re not just consumers who choose one brand over the other, they are completely different people who have almost nothing in common and have no similar personal characteristics.
09 July 2018
How To Write Content For Both People And Google
No wonder when writing SEO content, you'll need to be able to write content that gets you noticed by Google. There are so many tools and tips online that will help you with that, but sometimes they forget about human factor. If you neglect your audience, they won't read what you have to say, even if it gets found online! Here's how you can write content that's properly optimised for search engines but will be valuable to your readers, too.
25 May 2018
How to Write an Informative and Engaging Blog Post
If your business has an online presence, it is also important to write a blog. This is because, not only will your site rank better in terms of search engine optimization, but it can be used to field questions visitors might have - if executed properly. Having a well-written, up-to-date and informative blog provides a level of free publicity: giving your business yet another avenue to educate and ultimately, convert new leads.
29 May 2018
Expert Tips: How I Started my First Professional Blog
When I started my first professional blog, I was in the same place as many of you: knowing a blog was important for my business, but not completely understanding how or why. I was a good writer and pretty well-informed about the industry I was in, but still a little confused over how to use those skills to get my message out to my would-be customers. I'd love to share my experience with you to help you.
31 October 2017
Why you need a personal website
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear personal website? You can create your own website even if you’re not a celebrity or a business owner. There are absolutely no requirements when it comes to making and having a website.
09 May 2017

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