Social Media’s Role in Content Marketing

Written by  Lina Abascal

27 October 2015

Social Media’s Role in Content Marketing
We’ve talked about content marketing strategy on the blog before and how it can help you share your awesome content with more people online. Something that often goes hand in hand with content marketing is social media. How can you pair the two to set you up for success? We asked a professional.
“Social media has become an indispensable distribution tool for content. Content is the fuel, the wind power for your social channels, and essentially your marketing currency as a brand. As brands grow their audiences and followers, it is important to continue to engage that audience and inspire them to share your story, and creating ridiculously good and helpful content does that,” said Lorraine Tran, Managing Director of 818 Agency, a content strategy agency based in New York City.

We’ve whittled down the many ways social media can aid in your content marketing strategy to five key points.
Have a Sharing Strategy
So you’ve got content, and you have social media accounts. Congrats, you’re officially prepped to begin your content marketing strategy. But nothing is as simple as it seems of course. Everything from the headline of a piece of content, the preview image, and the time and day it’s posted impact the level of engagement you will receive and the amount of eyes that will ultimately view the content. Consider the time zones of your audience to get the most eyes possible on your posts. For example, CoSchedule claims between 1-4pm is the best time to share on Facebook.

Engage With Your Audience
Whether your social audience is massive or just starting to grow, engage with them. This is especially crucial for smaller growing social followings, if someone engages with your content through a fave, retweet, response, or comment, use the opportunity to spark conversation with them. This is unrealistic with hundreds of thousands of followers, but if you ask a question on Twitter and someone answers, use that to learn more about your audience and show you aren’t just a content robot.

Know Your Audience
Where there is social media, there is paid social advertising. For many, this is a key part of utilizing social media to aid their content marketing strategy. Tran of 818 Agency, also had some great advice about using insights about your social media audience to further push your content, “content campaigns scale quickly and efficiently by using Lookalike Audience targeting on Facebook. We are able to continuously drive down CPC for our clients by optimizing for conversions, not just clicks, and that's all due to the targeting parameters and capabilities offered by social,” she said. In order to create target audiences across social, learn about who your audience is, and who you want them to be, everything from age, location, job title, interests, helps you reach your ideal customer.

Know Your Channels
We don’t just mean know the difference between Facebook and Twitter. Each social media channel from old faithful Facebook to newer options like Snapchat have a different type of engagement, attract a different audience, and do best with a certain type of content and strategy. For example, on Twitter it’s completely appropriate to tweet multiple times everyday. On LinkedIn, one post per week or less will suffice, and you are catering to a much more niche, professional audience. Facebook is known to get massive comments, so sharing something timely or trending will get your post featured on more users timeline based on their algorithm, and therefore more eyes on the content.

Pay Attention to Trends
So much of social media is trend based, from hashtags to trending topics, a majority of users are discussing the same dozen things at any given time. So what does this mean for your content strategy? Finding ways to integrate your new or previous evergreen content into a trending conversation helps create new avenues to promote and market your content. We don’t mean using a trending hashtag that is completely irrelevant to your content in hopes of catching a few eyes, that isn’t strategic. What may work is finding a way to write a blog about a current event with an angle that has to do with your industry, and promoting it on social media.

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