So ucraft... What’s all that about?

Written by  Keeva O'Donnell

15 September 2015

So ucraft... What’s all that about?
ucraft is brought to you by the same family of geeks who invented Bang2Joom. Never heard of B2J? That’s OK. We’ll forgive you. Bang2Joom was the brainchild of Gev Balyan. And the story of how he started pretty much sums up what we hope ucraft can do for just about anyone-shape a stylish online presence with no technical wizardry or coding knowhow whatsoever.
Story behind

When studying economics, Gev was failing one exam. Hard. And he knew he had to pull something sort of special out of the bag to pass the year. He committed to building a website to prove to his IT instructor that he was worth more than the scarlet ‘F’ he was heading for. Concluding that Joomla was the best CMS available at the time, Gev did what he set out to do. And after a few attempts, convinced his professor that he actually did do it all himself. A self-confessed ‘total noob’ at the time, Gev was a little astonished by what he’d been able to achieve before even entering the perilous world of HTML & CSS. After creating websites for a few local businesses and finding a few like-minded buddies to jump into business with, an ambitious tech family was born and out of their collective wisdom came B2J, a site which essentially gave newbies access to an extensive range of professional Joomla templates and extensions.
ucraft goes a lot further. As the team’s skills and expertise have grown, so too has their ambition. Now, it’s not just about making it possible to create your own website without code. It’s not just about being able to create a dynamic online space for your ideas to flourish. It’s not just about being able to bash out a website in under a minute (though you’ve gotta admit, that’s pretty impressive.)
It’s really about putting you in the drivers’ seat. And making that journey as quick and painless as you need it to be in order to realise your vision. There are some great CMSs out there already. But it’s time for something that pushes the envelope in design. It’s time for something that is as simple to use as it claims to be. It’s time for something that gives you more freedom and creative control over how you choose to build your brand online. It’s time to demand more from your CMS. It’s time for u to craft me. Revolutionise how we think about how far the everyman can take technology. Because we think, the only limit is in your imagination. Give it a try today!

Besides delivering valuable content on various subjects, Ucraft is primarily a drag and drop website builder. Our goal is to bring you an easy-to-use solution that will enable you to create beautiful websites, regardless of your previous experience.