How to Spend Valentine’s Day if You’re Single

Written by  Lena

08 February 2018

How to Spend Valentine’s Day if You’re Single

Who’s to say that chocolate and candle light dinners are out of fashion? For those big romantics, it’s still the best way to celebrate the Valentine’s day. But if you’re single and ready to mingle, this special day can be a bit depressing: seeing all of those overwhelmed-with-love pictures of your friends on your newsfeed, or couples walking down the streets, hugging each other so tight they seem to be melted into one giant heart emoji.


Ugh right? The picture is different when you’re in a relationship, but that’s another story.


For the single ones out there, spending the day at home alone with an extra sized ice cream bucket and a big spoon is not the perfect way to spend Valentine’s. That’s why we’ve got some cool alternatives for you!




Celebrate friendships



At the end of the day, when we don’t have anyone special to share a cup of coffee with, we still have our friends. They’re right there: in good times and in bad. So why don’t you take this day as a celebration of your most honest and pure friendships?


What is friendship than a form of love, after all?


single on valentines day




Movie night



Another thing that you can do is organize a movie night and gather the ones who refuse to spend the night crying over the past.


If you’re in a deep ani-valentine mood, pick movies that are not so lovey-dovey, like the Blue Valentine, Closer, How to be single, 500 Days of Summer and many more. But if you’re still a hopeless romantic inside who believes in true love, go for films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Titanic, The Notebook and so on. Say no to chocolate, get your bucket of popcorn, have a box of tissues next to you and enjoy the day.




Remember the good things about being single


I know that sometimes you can get in your own head, feel lonely, feel like you can’t be complete without a person next to you. But, seriously, remember the good things about being single and enjoy every moment spent with the best person in your life, you.


First of all, you have more time to yourself: read a book, go travel the world, meet new people, make deep and heartfelt connections with strangers you’ll never see again, and most importantly, think about your career.


valentines for singles


Besides, you’re deprived of all sorts of headaches like picking the best gift for your crush or organizing the most romantic date night. It’s so much cheaper to be single than to be in a relationship, right? It turns out that total estimated amount spent by Americans on Valentine’s in 2016 was 19.7 billion dollars. Think about the time, energy and money you would have to spend on your loved one and spend it on you!




Single’s party




And finally, the most thrilling way to spend your Valentine’s day as a single girl/guy is by throwing a huge anti-Valentine singles’ party. Imagine, you could gather all of your friends who could bring their single friends. And a whole lot of people would show up and be ready to have some real fun. Want to organize that party?


The ones who haven’t been stuck by the Cupid’s arrow at Ucraft have created an anti-Valentine's template just for that reason. You can customize it as you wish, add event details and spread it across the social media. You might think that sending text messages would be so much easier, but trust me, doing it with your own website is way more exciting.


Besides, you can always change the content to throw other parties, and maybe become that cool guy with the best parties in town.


valentines for singles


Valentine’s can be a bit depressing if you haven’t found your Valentine yet. But there are tons of fun things you can do besides crying your eyes out all day. In fact, if you’re really lucky, you might meet the love of your life at that same singles night. So go get fancy, don’t miss the party and stop reading sad and stupid articles like this.





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