How to Increase Your Sales with the Help of SEO?

Written by  Neil Helson

20 March 2018

How to Increase Your Sales with the Help of SEO?

In the past couple of years, experts might have argued that SEO is no longer a potent digital marketing strategy as for how it had been some years back. In fact, some of them even started to speculate that SEO is dying!!


But, the search engine still says a different story and it seems to be a positive one! Now, when we’re already in 2018, Google’s judgment still seems to be true enough. I mean the buzz of SEO has not gotten low by any means and is rather upgrading with each passing day.


Yes! SEO might have been bombarded with lots of degrading issues in the past due to a ton of unethical practices but it definitely managed to survive. So nowadays, if done in the right possible way, it will surely pay off extensively and will eventually convert to sales.


So, not to be yet another businessman who is leading an online business just ensure that you are doing the SEO for your business amazingly. And, in case, you don’t have a group of talented SEO professionals in your team, opt for outsourcing the excellent services of any renowned digital marketing agency. This will ensure enjoying the perks immensely without doing the whole legwork yourself.


The question that arises is: How can you actually skyrocket your sales with SEO? Well, there are some outstanding SEO trends that are prevailing in this 2018 and which are expected to come up with awesome results in the coming months.  






Wondering what are those?



  • Long-form content to dominate


This trend is not something very new. Rather, it is a recurring one as it has been observed to rule the online marketing strategy of various million dollar websites. And, now it is back again! The experts have noticed a shift to lengthier contents again from shorter contents. And, I must say that this is being a visible shift!


Apparently, most of the readers are now back to searching for lengthier contents again. They believe that such contents are more likely to provide huge information and thorough explanation. Just keep in mind to do some pretty good research and post insightful stuff to take your search ranking to whole another level.



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  • Social media and shareability of blogs


It might be any kind of online marketing campaign but social media has always been one of the most prominent driving forces of all times. In fact, you can say that no any promotional strategy can be a full-on success in absence of a full-fledged social media strategy.   


So, if you want to boost brand-awareness then in the upcoming months of 2018 then you need to especially focus on a high-end social media marketing strategy to give the whole process a high boost!



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  • Mobile-friendly websites to take over  


There is no doubt in the fact that online marketing strategies are revolutionizing all the time to make sure that their materials are getting shifted to different mobile devices. This can be evidently said because a range of mobile apps is rising day by day which is meant to provide solutions for specific problems.


So, if you want to accelerate your sales graph then don’t forget to make your website accessible to smartphones which will entice a huge traffic ultimately rising you to the top of search engine.




  • Videos as the new master


We all know that content works well for SEO but do you know what actually does? It says nothing about the videos. But, the statement might vary depending on the medium where you are showcasing the perks of your business.


Still, whatever the scenario might be, one thing goes without saying that video is going to be on-trend in 2018! Some experts are even speculating that by 2019 80% of the total online traffic will be sourcing from videos.


And, it is quite clear that this could mean a lot of changes for your company’s marketing strategies. If you adopt such changes effectively then there is a fair chance that you would end up being a proud owner of an online business website with traffic in millions!! Finally, your sales will go higher and higher.



SEO marketing strategy




  • Killer headlines and meta titles matter


Undoubtedly, there is no substitute for an attractive headline and this fact has been always true, you can say since when the concept of SEO into existence!! A title is much more than just a pack of keywords when it’s about SEO.


Moreover, it means crafting the titles of the blogs and other content on your website quite concisely and creatively. To write the titles in such a way that they encourage readers to click and read is no less than a digital art!


The same is true for meta titles and meta descriptions as well. Here’s why you should opt for the best kind of titles for the content on your website, attract a huge traffic, and then finally enhance a revenue to a great extent.




  • Enhancement of voice command or search feature


Who doesn’t know about virtual assistants? There’s nothing new about them!! A lot of them have definitely become popular nowadays through apps.


When it’s about sales then you can act a bit smart and employ voice command search feature on company’s websites. Just think about how successful this might be in attaining customer’s good graces. If you want to be on the top then you must live up to your reputation.


And, with this wonderful feature, you can act loyal to your customers, and increase the possibility of them choosing you above your competitors.




Bottom Line

SEO survived for many years and it is definitely expected to continue the same role when it comes to ranking websites. So, if you are not able to see any significant change in your popularity and sales even after years of doing SEO then it is definitely the right time to grab the latest trends and make some beneficial changes while adopting them and thus take your business to the highest level that you ever could!  


With this in mind, if you’ve decided to create your website or blog all on your own then you should choose a website builder that enables optimizing it for search engines. Ucraft, for example, has an in-built SEO app and may be the perfect match for you. The out-of-the-box app offers powerful tools to add meta tags, descriptions, social images and more to rank better and hopefully, increase your sales.

Author Bio: Neil Helson is the marketing manager at Blurbpoint Media, SEO and digital marketing company. He is passionate in helping small businesses and startups grow online.





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