How to Get in Touch with Industry Influencers

Written by  Ash

30 April 2018

How to Get in Touch with Industry Influencers

Let me paint you a picture. You get a weird rush on your body. What do you do next? You ask the people you trust, the people that are somehow connected to medicine and can have an influence on you about it. And the way you decide to get rid of the rush is highly correlated on what those people will advise you. They would be your parents, siblings, friends and so on.


Well, just like that, in every industry, let it be technology, nutrition or even fashion, there are people who’s opinion does matter. They have widely read blogs, huge social media followings and more. And they have the ability to influence their followers with their words: in other words, it’s all about trust. Now, if you want to boost your traffic, increase sales or anything else, one great marketing technique is influencer marketing.


Here’s a great statistic for you: when someone refers a product, the influence is 4 times more effective than any paid advertisements. You want more? 90% of customers trust peer recommendations. And 74% of consumers use social media to inform others about their purchase decisions.


So do you already want to form a good relationship with one of your industry influencers and get them to promote your brand? Here’s a great method I learned from my boss.




#1 Write Content that Mentions Influencer’s Idea or Post



Let’s say you are writing a blog post about hobbies and interests people have: should a person stick to one thing or have multiple obsessions? You do your research and find an influencer, like Nicolas Cole, a writer and the founder of Digital Press, who’s had some thoughts on the topic you’ve chosen. After digging a little bit deeper you’ll find out that he actually once said in a blog post:


“All innovation happens at the intersection of two things. And sometimes those two things seem contradictory, or unusual, or opposite — until someone who has taken the time to understand both can see their unique parallels.”


He then goes on explaining how he became an effective digital marketer by exploring extremely different and often opposite industries. And even though he was told that it would lead him to be a “jack of all trades, but a master of none,” he later found it to be his greatest asset.


See what I’m doing here? Writing content and mentioning an influencer's idea.




#2 Create 1500-2000 Word Post



By the time you have decided what your post will be about,, you can proudly say you’ve done a good half of the job. What follows next is writing quality content and making sure your post ranks well on search engines. Here’s something worth mentioning: high-quality content and link building are the two most important signals used by Google to rank your website for search, according to Andrey Lipattsev.


influencer marketing


And you should also take into consideration the length of your posts: statistics show, that the average first-page result on Google contains 1890 words. So you see that long content ranks better. I mean, 50% of search queries are longer than 4 words: when searching, people are looking for something specific. And when they choose to open your link and read about the topic that interests them, they want to find out everything there is regarding the topic and not go over a bunch of other blog posts to gather information.




#3 Find the Influencer’s Email



It’s just an email, right? Sometimes it will be pretty easy to find the influencer’s email. And sometimes it might seem to be impossible.


Don’t let that feeling deceive you So let’s go over some ways you can find a wanted email.


First of all, simply try to Google it: it might work. Then, try Email Hunter: if you have their website, simply type it in and if any email is connected to it, consider it found.  If not, simply check out their social media bios because many influencers will openly list their email addresses right there.


In case none of the above-mentioned methods worked for you, here’s a tricky one: subscribe to their newsletter. Most probably you will get a confirmation email immediately. Check out the “from” field of the confirmation email and it might be the one. But don’t get too excited: sometimes there might be just a dummy email address set up only for the mailing list.


get in touch with industry influencers


But if nothing worked, you can always message them through Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. And there are some other ways too, but let’s stick to our topic.




#4 Send an Email that Speaks About the Post



At this point your blog post is ready: fresh and tasty. And you have the influencer’s email. Your next step is to send an email to the influencer that speaks about your post. People love when others’ talk about them, right? And this way you will most probably catch their attention. Your email could simply be one that says, “thank you for your wise thoughts, I included them in my blog post.” It can also say, “would love any feedback from you regarding the blog post, since you’re such an expert in the field.” And the latter is up to you to decide.


If the influencer notices your email and likes your post, they might tweet about it or give a backlink to you. And your work is done. But if not, you should move to the next step.




#5 Post on Twitter with Hashtags: Mention the Influencer



Simply grab that great content of yours and post it on Twitter. Make sure to use correct hashtags and to mention the influencer. Don’t know which hashtags are trending and popular and which are not?


influencer marketing


First and foremost, the easiest and most correct way of finding trending hashtags is through the actual Twitter website. Not only Twitter is the best source based on the legitimacy of data, it also will offer you some “tailored trends” based on where you are and who you follow.


And of course, you can use some other tools. For example, Tagdef lists popular hashtags by time frame: including current, weekly and all-time top hashtags. Another one is which is a hashtag finder. The great thing about this tool is that it makes searching for a hashtag related to specific targets easy.


If you haven’t been noticed before, you will now! And who knows, you might even become friends with that person you worship so much.


There it is, now you’re pretty much aware of how to get in touch with your industry influencers. So go make friends, collect those backlinks and be on your way to success.



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