How to design a website visitors will love: Part 1

Written by  Lina Abascal

17 February 2016

How to design a website visitors will love: Part 1
If you’re going to design a website, you may as well try your hardest to make it one your visitors will love. While everyone has different taste, there are a few features we highly recommend that will help guarantee your visitors enjoy the time they spend on your site. In this blog and the next: How to Design a Website Visitors Will Love: Part 2 , we’ll cover everything from content, to design, to development, and how you can utilize them to enhance user experience.

A Beautiful Logo
Whether you opt for that, hire a designer to create a logo for you, or make your own, your logo is often the first thing a visitor sees when arriving on your website. Make sure it’s beautiful and reflects what your company is about, whether that’s corporate, funky, young, established, or whatever else you want to be seen as.
For all those cases you can use ucraft's Free Logo Maker to create a logo for your website in seconds.

Use Large Headlines
Being as clear as possible is a key way to make sure your visitor understands what your site is about. Separating sections with large, clear headlines that describe the content that follows them is a great way for visitors who are quickly scrolling through your page to find what they are looking for.

Minimalistic Design
We have discussed this at length on some of our design-centric blogs (Web Design Trends in 2016), but minimalistic design is at the forefront of web design trends of 2016 and will likely become the new norm. Having a sleek and modern design gives your site an element of sophistication and professionalism that visitors will like and trust.

Easy to Read Fonts
We think this goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyways: don’t get too crazy with your font choices. Keep any dramatic stylings to your logo and display your website copy in clean and clear fonts. You don’t need to use Times New Roman or Arial, you can select a more custom font, but make sure the letters are spaced apart, the size is not too small. All of your readers, young or old, mobile or desktop, should be able to read your text.

Use the Right Colors
Colors are proven to evoke different feelings and responses in people (you can learn more about it here). Use this to your advantage by using color to continue position your company the way you’d like. It’s no coincidence so many technology companies use blue heavily in their website’s design. Blue is known to communicate a feeling of trust and logic, while red focuses on excitement or sometimes aggression. Many web designers are familiar with these color theories, so it’s worth having a chat when choosing your website’s color palette.


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