How the World of Digital Marketing is Evolving in 2018

Written by  Jennifer Scott

23 April 2018

How the World of Digital Marketing is Evolving in 2018

Now that 2018 is in full-swing, it’s a good time to take a look into the modern-day landscape of digital marketing to see what exactly is taking place. As the year changes, so do the expectations of businesses, search engines and, most importantly, the customers.


With the internet growing at such an exponential rate, the requirements for businesses to boost their engagement rates, their online visibility and their website traffic escalate too. That’s why emerging and developing trends and technologies will need to be incorporated into your strategies.


But for this happen, you need to know what they are. Today, we’re going to dive into the latest trends and developments that are going on in the digital marketing world, so you can move one step ahead of your competition this year.




Implementing Augmented Technology



Augmented technology is big business, and as we fly through 2018, it’s only become more and more implemented into everyday society. User-friendly platforms are still in developmental stages, but progress is happening quickly, so this is an industry you’ll want to keep an eye on.


Pokémon Go is a prime example of how captivating and user-friendly this kind of software can be and how well users respond to it. From a business perspective, adding location-triggered notifications or sponsored content that changes depending on these kinds of variables. If platforms like Facebook and Instagram start incorporating this kind of technology, the impact will be huge.




Moving Away from Influencer Marketing



Currently, influencer marketing is a very effective method for promoting your business, but many businesses are starting to move away from it. It’s very difficult for business, especially small businesses, to measure the success rates of using an influencer which can cause analytical issues.


Kyle Ferrier, a marketing manager for Best British Essays and UK Top Writers, shares his story;


“Many companies are using influencers to market their businesses, but many of the more successful influencers are moving ahead, leaving the other influencers behind. Brands will draw their attention to these successful individuals, therefore crashing the market for the rest who provide little to no ROI”.




An Increase in Precise Targeted Ads



It’s true that consumers are subject to advertisements everywhere they look and turn, both in the physical world and online. Many of these consumers are now immune to this form of advertising and basically, ignore it.


digital marketing 2018


However, if your business is designing and using ads with a specific purpose and goal, this form of advertising can be extremely effective. As ads become more and more dynamic, rather than advertising your business parse, you’ll need to highlight specific products or services and advertising them in the best places and to the most minutely selected audience.




The Importance of Live Video



2017 was a huge year for the concept of live video, and this is a trend that will only continue to gain traction over the coming months. Many of the biggest brands in the world have already successfully implemented this tactic into their marketing strategies, but video quality plays a huge part.


Since live video is becoming more and more common, users are now starting to expect HD video streams from businesses and an absence of handheld ‘shaky’ videos that are currently shown by smaller businesses. And even if we leave live videos to the side for now, videos in general will be huge. And you can't make the mistake of having low-quality ones anymore. Luckily, there are online video making tools you can use and excite your viewers with your awesome videos on social media. 


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Incorporating Voice Technology



Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you’ll already know how important the role of voice technology has played in the marketing industry. With a tons of new products, including Amazon’s Alexa platform, Google’s Assistant app and an incredible increase in chatbots, businesses of all sizes need to be aware of this technology.


For many businesses, this will mean optimising your content for voice searches. Text-based searches usually include miswritten sentences and keywords such as ‘how to wash car’, but with an increasing number of people using voice searching functions, content will need to be optimised to match search terms like ‘how do I wash a car properly?’




Adding Variety to Your Marketing Strategy



Many businesses might write blog posts for their businesses and share them on social media, the traditional form of content marketing. However, as internet connections increase in speed and the importance of quality increases, marketers will need to expand their horizons when it comes to the forms of content they are using.


“Traditionally, I have used text-based articles for promotional content, but there is now a heavy demand to expand. Incorporating high visual posts is now a necessity, whether it’s in the form of images, videos, infographics, interactive surveys, dynamic content and a mixture of all. While this may strain budgets, the ROI on content variation is obvious, and we have found we have so many more opportunities to get creative with how we promote ourselves,” explains Daniel Kemp, the marketing manager for Top Canadian Writers.


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Implementing Automation



If you’re not already using automation strategies, whether it’s for your emails, blog content or social media platforms, you need to look into this now. Since businesses are already handling so much content, using automation platforms can dramatically help you stay organised when trying to maintain a steady and regular flow of content to your target market.


If you thought 2017 was the year for content, 2018 is going to be even bigger so you’ll need to start looking into solutions that can help you streamline your workflows to provide your users with the content they are interested in.




A Focus on Mobile Marketing



Perhaps the most important consideration to remember while heading into 2018 is the emphasis on using mobile-friendly content. Over 50% of all internet traffic now comes from a mobile device, so if your content is not optimised for smartphones and tablets, your audience will take their business elsewhere.


When considering how to optimise your content, there are a couple of things you’ll need to focus on which include;




-User experience

-Optimised visuals



In short, if your consumers have to zoom in and out to use certain features on your website or simply can’t use your website, you’re going to miss out dramatically.




The Value of a Credible Website



To be able to achieve the desirable results by following the points mentioned above, you will certainly need an online presence - that is a website! With Ucraft you’ll have the chance of creating a professional-looking website that will be a great introduction for your beginnings. Trust us, this will only add to your efforts of running an efficient digital marketing strategy!


So no time to waste, create your website and start building your digital marketing right away. Consider the valuable piece of advice you’ve just learnt and let the ball be in your court in 2018!




About the Author: Jennifer Scott is a content marketer at Best Australian Writers. She also works as a business developer for companies from different niches such as education, technology, security and various types of online marketing.





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