Don’t be a victim to a poorly made website

Written by  Lina Abascal

19 January 2016

Don’t be a victim to a poorly made website
Sometimes, it can be easy to convince yourself to opt for a quick fix when creating your website. Developers and designers can be difficult to find and select, and their services are expensive, choosing what is the right solution for you can also be intimidating and time consuming.. While you may feel like you’ve gotten a deal by choosing an inexpensive and possibly overseas website builder, this can come back and bite you in an expensive way.

Seemingly inexpensive rates to build and design a website often don’t include important details, revisions, or a back end CMS that allows you to update your content yourself. What is cheap or simple initially, may leave you paying for billable hours down the road, tracking down the company who originally did your site and needed updates from them, and being unable to pass the site to another developer to handle or fix yourself.

The saying goes, you get what you pay for, and this is true with creating a website. We broke down a few common problems you may come across if you decide to go the quick route when hiring someone to create a website for you.

When looking to build your site, make sure you know what you are getting yourself in to. What may seem like a professional and great deal may result in a long, frustrating, headache dealing with changes, additional payment, and non responsiveness.

To keep it simple and make sure you receive a quality product that will grow with you and your business and last years, we suggest paying the extra pennies for quality, and someone you can trust.

Your website most won’t be as modern and ontrend

Often, quick design and development shops are focused on creating websites as fast and efficiently as possible. While we don’t blame them, often this can result in very template-y looking websites because these require less custom coding and are faster to create. The modern and aesthetically pleasing designs you may have been hoping for like parallax scroll, video headers, and more are unlikely to fall within this “get a website quick” scam and you may end up with a homepage that looks like a blast from the past.

Your website will be difficult to update yourself

A common, yet sneaky thing that these web design plans do is not focus on creating or using user-friend CMS, or content management systems. Because of that, the website owner becomes reliant on the company to make any changes, from copy, to updating your featured video, and more. Make sure you are in control of both your domain ownership and web hosting, and request a simple backend CMS on a platform you are familiar with whether it’s Wordpress, Squarespace, or anything else.

You will be charged for any changes you need

Along with it being difficult to make changes to your website yourself, a too-good-to-be-true website often means additional edits or changes after the “finished” product is submitted will require extra cost. A slightly more expensive and professional service will often offer a certain number of revisions in their initial proposal and pricing. While big changes are expected to cost extra, small tweaks and tutorials on how to make the changes yourself in the future should be included and not force you to break the bank just to get a website you are happy with.

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