7 Color Combinations for Web Design Inspiration

Written by  Ani Avdalyan

08 July 2016

7 Color Combinations for Web Design Inspiration
How do you think what is the most essential thing in human perception of the world? Surely, the color. There are millions of colors that the human eye can distinguish and each of them can set a different mood.

When it comes to web design the power of color combinations just cannot be underestimated. According to different sources, one of the main reasons the people visiting a website don’t come back is the wrong color palette of the design.

However, if colors are picked properly they can add unique charm and artistic touch to the website not only soothing the senses of user, but also improving user experience. There are no dogmatic rules for choosing right color combinations, yet these main principles are a good place to get started:

1. Less is More

Never overdue! Though colorful websites can somehow look vibrant and beautiful, they usually distract the visitor from the main content. A palette of 3-4 main colors is the optimal solution for both pleasant to the eye and visually user-friendly website.

2. Play With Contrasts

Contrasting colors and combinations can do a big job in helping the user differentiate page elements from one another. Right contrasts of backgrounds and texts, distinguished colors of clickable links can make a website readable and more usable. Contrasting color schemes are also a saving grace for users with bad vision and for ones using mobile screens and low quality monitors.

3. Consider Color Psychology

Why are people more relaxed in green rooms? Why are "stop signs" red? While perceptions of different color schemes can be somewhat subjective, reactions to certain colors are also based on psychological feelings: green relaxes, pink is romantic, yellow is optimistic and a bit crazy. Hence, certain colors can have a huge impact on how we feel and act, that is why considering color psychology while designing a website is crucial, especially for e- commerce websites, where right colors can bring about more purchases and push the visitors to action.

4. Get Inspired from Nature

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit! In search of inspiration sometimes it’s better to get out of the Web and just look out of the window. The perfect color palettes are those created by Mother Nature. Get inspired!

After all, making the right color palette choice or creating a color combination from the scratch is still a big challenge. That’s why in addition we’ve put together a collection of 7 websites using inspiring color combinations to help you with your next web project. Enjoy!

color combinations 9

Color combination used:
  • #d4d1cf
  • #873f2d
  • #171717
  • #1e2223


color combinations 2

Color combination used:
  • #bcd430
  • #721011
  • #db3497


color combinations 3

Color combination used:
  • #E4DBBF
  • #DC5B21
  • #70AB8F
  • #383127


color combinations 4

Color combination used:
  • #b6d8d5
  • #061b33
  • #c45238
  • #84b0af


color combinations 5

Color combination used:
  • #50355e
  • #c45d37
  • #2f9774


color combinations 6

Color combination used:
  • #f6f38b
  • #98a392
  • #4a4444


color combinations 10

Color combination used:
  • #6fe2ec
  • #3a7d87
  • #ffffff

That pretty much sums up all color combination tips needed to convert your visitors into customers. Don't hesitate to implement them in your website starting from today! Just pick the main colors for your website, play with contrasts and enjoy crafting your new website!

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