Building a Personal Brand from Scratch: Essentials You Need to Know

Written by  Nazeli Abrahamyan

24 January 2018

Building a Personal Brand from Scratch: Essentials You Need to Know

Building your brand: whether it is personal or company, is an assertive step to success. That unique air around proper personal branding has become a requirement for anyone looking to grow their business, or get a dream job, maybe get noticed by the media, take their career to the next level or, why not, meet new, quality friends. Success happens when you’re willing to have your brand stand for more than what you do. Let’s admit that.


But before getting into the flow of creating a personal brand, just ask yourself: “Why do I basically need a personal brand?” The answer will give you some clues on which way to move, but you’ll need some guidance on how to get started with the actual process of building your unique personal brand.




Determining Your Personal Vision



Creating a personal brand begins much the same way as creating a personal vision. This is the way you want yourself to be perceived by others. So, why don’t you take your time to elaborate on your personal preferences?!


It may seem insignificant but organizing your thoughts and ideas is the basic step while creating your brand. We advise digging into your inner self to identify what you can bring forward: values, passion, traits, anything. This may be anything that fuels your business and keeps you up all night.


Anyhow, find a significant need that you can serve despite the competition or any other obstacles you may face.



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Defining Your Target Audience



Once you have your vision, go ahead to determine your target audience. You did? Think twice. Make sure to know peculiar details about them: beliefs, values, expectations, anything. This information will improve your position on the way to your ultimate goal.


Identify who your core audience is and you’ll get the big picture of what your branding should be like. Anyhow, this does not mean that you have to try to appeal to everyone. At the end of the day the ones who should be under your spotlight are your influencers and those who pay. They both can lead to a breakthrough in shaping your personal brand. If you can earn the trust of influencers and win over hearts of new clients.


Get the most out of your relationships, but bear in mind that you will need to reciprocate the efforts for each of them.




Forming Your Message



After the two steps, focus on how to present yourself. As the research shows, at this point have only 8 seconds to attract someone’s attention. Seams hard to grab your potential client’s attention while the clock is ticking, and these few seconds can turn out to be priceless for your explicit message.


With such a time shortage, you only have one value proposition and you want to show it around. Hence, you should focus on keeping your message simple and memorable. As the co-founder and CEO of Traction Adam Kleinberg once mentioned, you should consider three essentials to form your brand message: internal perspective, marketplace perspective and collective consciousness of people.


So, ponder over your best value proposition for personal branding message. Do not forget to use it everywhere you find relevant!





Express Your Uniqueness



Do you want your personal branding to stand out from the crowd? You should start by articulating your unique capabilities. Well, what passions and quirks may describe you? After brainstorming, just make a list of all aspects that might make you unique.


Don’t be too hard on yourself if you are not an indigo child. On the other hand, do not be afraid to seem controversial. Maybe it will distinguish you from the others, just make sure to stay away from the hot topics causing offense, like politics or religion.


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Defining Your Values



Are you already done with the previous steps? Now, time to analyze all your values as whatever you do, images yourself. Are you straightforward or want to be a hipster? All depends on your branding choice and demonstration.


As Kimberley Barker, manager for Technology Education and Computing from the University of Virginia presents in her online course, authenticity is the cornerstone for maintaining and inhabiting personal brand. Authenticity doesn't necessarily mean politeness. Once in a while, people equate the two, and that's not entirely accurate. To be true both to a friend and to a peer, just state your values as they are.


After all, our values serve as a compass that guides us both in action and the decision-making process.


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Building Online Assets



As you have formed your message, determined your values, time to find the medium to deliver it to your target audience. No better way is effective than online presence! Assets can be a website, a blog and social network profiles.


Here, you have a bunch of channels and social networks to present your personal brand and demonstrate your values. You can narrow down the list of the network to the ones that are popular with your target audience. Check the information on social media platforms are up-to-date and precise.


What will boost your branding chiefly is creating a personal website. Your personal website is the most crucial part of your brand strategy. You will have the chance to showcase yourself in the best light. Let’s take you will demonstrate your portfolio. You can show your creations, interact with those who like your works and so on. Thus, the website will be a big step while working on your personal branding.


Believe it or not, creating a personal website is the most enjoyable part if you find a website builder that suits your needs. With Ucraft, it will take a couple of minutes to build a functional website with outstanding design.


Well, working on your branding is the key to building your reputation, credibility and, most importantly, being successful in your professional and personal life. After all, are you ready to go ahead and build your personal branding? You have one shot to make the first impression, why not do it perfect?!





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