9 Stunning Freelancer Portfolios Created With Ucraft

Written by  Ash

15 November 2017

9 Stunning Freelancer Portfolios Created With Ucraft

7 seconds - that’s the amount of time you have to make a first impression online.


It’s almost nothing, and there are a lot of things you need to get done within that small amount of time. How are you supposed to pull it off? The answer is simple: with an outstanding portfolio.


As a freelancer, one of your most critical assets is your portfolio. While working face-to-face with people allows you to make a first impression with your look, voice, expression, and more, working remotely in the digital landscape limits your touchpoints with new clients, and makes the ones you do have especially essential.


Don't worry, though. Building a beautiful and professional-looking portfolio is not a tough nut to crack, even if you don't have web design skills.You just need to find a functional platform to do it on and some strong portfolios to use as examples.


If you've decided to build an online portfolio to expose your accomplishments, take a look at these nine freelancer portfolios, all of which were created using Ucraft.




1. Ricardo Kawano



Ricardo Kawano is an art director and graphic designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. When he decided to showcase his art online and grow his freelance business, he chose Ucraft to build his portfolio.


Kawano has worked with several large brands, including Coca-Cola, Nestle, and Smirnoff Caipiroska. His portfolio demonstrates that in a beautiful way, with a visually-striking, easy-to-navigate interface that divides work by project.



Ricardo Kawano



The homepage is a straightforward yet attractive single-page display with a long scroll. At the bottom, you’ll find a link to his works, about page, and contact information. Simple, neat, and attractive, this is the epitome of what a freelancer portfolio should be.




2. Paula Bustamante



Paula Bustamante is a Brazilian art director, graphic designer, and infographist.


With an impressive resume, Paula specializes in creating eye-catching graphic material for a wide variety of brands, including Coca-Cola, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, and more.


Her portfolio is striking, colorful, and unique like who she is as an artist. The homepage is a splash of colorful bricks, breaking down each of her projects by client.



Paula Bustamante



Click on one of the bricks, and you’re taken to a navigation page including her completed work, with more information about the project. If you’re engaged in the creative field, you can learn from her splashy use of color and graphics that set her page apart from the crowd.




3. Rodrigo Duarte



Rodrigo Duarte is a relationship architect who helps brands establish strong inter-departmental partnerships and develop world-class content.


Unlike the other two portfolios on this list, Rodrigo’s portfolio is a highly personalized page that includes his resume, a brief breakdown of who he is as an individual and a compelling bit of evidence about what he can do for brands.




4. Britteny England



Britteny England is a graphic designer and photographer. Her Ucraft portfolio is an immediate visual treat, with large, full-width images, a “discover” feature, and a handy navigation bar that makes it easy to find your way around her site.


Beautiful, on-brand, and perfectly in-line with her professional image as a photographer and an artist, this is one portfolio all freelancers could take note of.




5. Daniel Robert Gutierrez



Daniel is a self-proclaimed “jack of all trades,” and he uses his portfolio as a personal resume. He’s worked as a Senior Director of the Intergenerational Outreach Program, Sales Associate, Barista, and Real Estate Intern.



Daniel Robert Gutierrez



His portfolio includes simple sections for his restoration projects, a dazzling gallery, and miscellaneous content. The whole thing features a nice design, stunning graphics, and more than enough personality and originality to make any would-be employer fall in love with his unique art.




6. Katrina Snyder



Katrina Snyder is an illustration and design professional based in Orlando, Florida. One of the funkier portfolios in this lineup, her personal page is an explosion of color, pattern, and movement. When you land on the homepage, you’re greeted immediately by her name, email address, home city, and mission statement, just above an enticing selection of her work.



Katrina Snyder



Scroll down, and you see posters, flyers, logo design, and graphics she’s created for a wide selection of clients. Colorful and vibrant, Snyder’s page is a stunning exhibit of how you can use your portfolio to showcase your current and previous work.




7. Luanda Lewis



Luanda Lewis is a U.S.-based artist who took her inspiration from street art and pop art culture. Today, she specializes in a highly unique, colorful, splashy-style of artwork that she creates primarily for herself. Luanda uses her portfolio to expose her unusual creations.




8. Jack Ashelford



Jack Ashelford is a South West, UK-based creative freelancer who specializes in film, photography, music, and television. He works with brands to capture and build an artistic vision, and his personal website is a beautiful display of his service.



Jack Ashelford



In addition to featuring the visual content, Jack’s website also makes his contact information, location, and bio simple to find.




9. Gary at the Goon Collective



Gary is a graphic designer based in Chicago, Illinois. Self-taught and quirky, his portfolio is an excellent overview of his work, experience, and history as a graphic designer. It includes his awards, contact information, and an extensive selection of his work for would-be clients to pursue.




4 Professional Tips for Creating A Stunning Portfolio



Inspired by what you’ve seen here? Great! Now it’s time to get out and build your own freelancer portfolio. Before you do, though, remember to follow these professional tips:



1. Make Your Contact Information Easy to Find


If someone is searching for your portfolio, chances are good they want to contact you. Throw them a bone and make it as easy as possible by making your contact information immediately accessible. On my website, for example, it’s on the bottom of every page.


As you’ll see in lots of these portfolios, though, the email address or phone number of the freelancer is at the very top of the page, where it’s highly visible to would-be customers. Follow suit to be sure your information is always within reach.



2. Be You!


The great thing about all of these portfolios is that they’re as different as the people behind them. While some are snarky or vibrant, others are ethereal and elegant. No matter what your personal style is, let it shine through in your portfolio.


The more you can do this, the more likely it is that people will fall in love with your portfolio, and contact you accordingly. The reason? It’s simple. People want unique and creative freelancers. When you let your personality shine through your portfolio, they can rest assured they’re getting that with you.


Remember: this is your portfolio. Claim it.



3. Optimize for SEO


You can have the best portfolio in the world, and it won’t matter if people can’t find it. With this in mind, you’ll need to make your platform SEO-friendly. If you use Ucraft, this is simple and straightforward, as every template in the system is already optimized for SEO. Be sure you include your location information and any keywords you want to target throughout your content.



4. Include Only Your Best Work


Even if you’re starting with a limited body of work, it pays to be selective in your portfolio. Instead of using it to showcase every job you’ve ever done, be intentional about what you choose to expose.


As a general rule, you’ll want to include any products that are especially visually striking or were particularly successful. If it got rave reviews and made a difference in the client’s business, you know it’s a shoe-in.







Building a freelancer portfolio doesn’t have to be tough. With the help of a simple drag-and-drop website builder like Ucraft, it’s easy to set up an excellent portfolio in under an hour. Not only will your clients start flocking in, but you’ll get the satisfaction that comes with knowing you created a professional site all on your own.




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