8 SEO Trends That Will Help Your Business Increase Visibility In 2019

Written by  Serena Dorf

11 December 2018

8 SEO Trends That Will Help Your Business Increase Visibility In 2019

SEO is all about preparation. The way you grasp knowledge determines how you will rank in the near and far future. Within that preparation process, a key component is the following of current trends and the prediction of future ones.


2018 has been a hectic year in SEO and marketing as a whole. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain have changed the way we perceive advertising.  


These new implementations in the marketing world give us a glimpse of 2019. We’ve asked experts in the marketing industry about their predictions concerning SEO trends for next year.


Let’s explore the 8 essential SEO trends to watch for in 2019. It’s never too early to prepare!




1. Keyword research will rely on artificial intelligence



Keyword research is already governed by automation. Reduction of the workload is one of the main reasons why AI has become such a big part of SEO. According to a survey done by Accenture, artificial intelligence boosts human productivity by at least 40%.


In the future, it’s going to become an even bigger part of the marketing sphere. Finding the right keywords and utilizing them will be a task executed by AI software. As early as next year, we will see humans focusing more on the creative parts of marketing.



keyword research based on AI



This is perhaps the most important “revolution” to date, as we will be free of tasks such as keyword and data acquisition. AI will gather the keywords instead of humans and this will help to focus our energy more on development. AI will only accelerate the appearance of new trends in SEO.




2. Amazon will become one of the biggest search engines



If we don’t know something, we don’t “search” for it – we “Google” it. The world’s most popular search engine is much more than a tool. Instead, it’s a part of who we are.


Google also governs the way we market our products and how we approach information. However, things are about to change. The main catalyst is online shopping. Adobe Digital Insights estimates that we will spend approximately $121.4 billion this holiday season.


Surprisingly, people don’t search for products on Google anymore. According to a survey by eMarketer, 46.7% of all product searches start on Amazon. In comparison, only 34.7% of internet users begin their product searches on Google. As Amazon becomes more powerful, it only takes a few Alexa updates for Amazon to become a hotspot for information, as well.




3. Voice search will overtake written queries



Artificial intelligence is becoming prominent in the marketing sphere. Aside from automation, it will make voice search a much more popular option in 2019. The main problem with voice search is underwhelming word recognition. With AI development, people will find voice not just an easier option, but a more precise one as well.


Erica Barnes, the IT consultant at EssayOnTime chimed in on this subject. “Lying down on the couch and speaking while our device is on the other side of the room isn’t science fiction. Advanced AI software will also lead customers right to the purchase page, reducing the need for typing. This is the reason that we are already working on optimizing our site for voice search”.



voice search trends




4. Flawless coding will be mandatory



One key component of SEO is website load time. Search engines have developed more advanced algorithms. As a result of this technological advancement, sites with a slow load time are unable to rank high in search engines. One of the SEO trends to watch out for in 2019 is the optimization of website speed.


Experts predict that websites with a loading time longer than two seconds will be penalized more severely than ever.


Customer satisfaction is the epicenter of all marketing movement nowadays. Thus, it’s no surprise that websites will need to have the almost-flawless code to be able to meet the high standards in 2019.


Lots of websites will fall off the grid, making the best websites even better than before. This is also good news even though it sounds “scary.” Harder penalties for slow load time are a good thing. Developers and programmers will be more skilled. This particular trend is closely connected to another.




5. Minimalism will be the trend



As search engine standards become higher, it will become difficult to have too much media on your website. Neil Patel in his article says that minimalism in marketing is already prevalent, but 2019 will see it take over the industry.


Too much content and media don’t appeal to customers as it did before. As we’ve previously mentioned, website speed is a priority today, as well as in 2019. This shift to minimalism will put a focus on the quality of website media, not just quantity. Landing pages will be to-the-point, with a clear focus on making the conversion swiftly and without obstacles.



minimalism as SEO trend




Web designers and marketers will have to be more creative than ever. They will have to optimize video content in an effective way. Shifting to minimalism will definitely be the most drastic trend to watch out for in 2019.


Changing design styles will have a much stronger impact than just marketing. Educational systems will quickly make room for the teaching of new design trends. 2019 will kickstart many small “revolutions” that will truly be understood in a few years. More demands for minimalism will result in designers and artists becoming more specialized.




6. AR an VR will change Google’s search algorithms



Augmented and Visual Reality have become fascinations of developers around the world. Apple, for example, adds special Bionic chips to their devices, all in order to support augmented reality.


More businesses have opted for opening virtual stores, instead of brick and mortar ones. With the use of AR and VR technology, they provide realistic, albeit virtual experiences to their customers.


As of right now, virtual eCommerce stores aren’t a common occurrence. In 2019, search engine algorithms will make room for new AR and VR-dedicated sections. Many new factors will play a role in organic ranking by Google, Bing and Yahoo.



AR and VR trend




7. Blockchain will change the way search



An underrated factor in the world of SEO is blockchain. The security this particular technology provides will create new pathways for search technology to follow.


Blockchain will improve the way people and search engines communicate because it’s virtually impossible for data to be compromised. Each account on a browser will store more data on the cloud to improve the user experience.


Anonymity will be normal and mandatory in 2019. Your browser will remember your search history and will provide more precise suggestions.


We’ve already covered voice search, but what about cameras and other sensors? Can you visualize snapping of an item and purchasing it immediately? Technologies such as Google Lens already exist, but blockchain will improve them even further.




8. Location tracking will have an even bigger impact



GPS technology already allows us to narrow down searches according to our location. An SEO trend to watch out for in 2019 is the way search engines and location tracking are used together.


Combined with blockchain security, your mobile device will track your movement and collect data. SEO will be affected by the increased number of suggestions a device provides.


Local and small businesses will see a boom in conversions, as a result of this location-focused trend. Your device can suggest you items and places, and you can access them with a single click. Organic ranking will influence which suggestions will be provided. Does this make SEO more complicated? We’re about to find out.



location tracking




Concluding thoughts



Observing future SEO trends allows us to provide better services to our customers, as well as better our own visions and goals. Explore these concepts and think about how can your brand implement them. Doing this before the end of 2018 will make your brand much more successful when the clock hits midnight on December 31.



About the author: Serena Dorf is an enthusiastic content writer. She is passionate about writing, personal development, psychology, and productivity. In her free time, she is reading classic American literature and learning Swedish. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter.




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