7 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Website

Written by  Marianna Martirosyan

04 July 2018

7 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Website

What can be better than a fancy restaurant with tasty dishes or unique cocktails? Yes, an attractive multi-functional website can be an option! What about a perfect combination of these two: the fancy restaurant in downtown with a top-notch website on the online platform? Let us not forget about a well-crafted business strategy that you will surely need, but that's another topic. No matter what restaurant you represent: a coffee shop, a fast food spot, a family style cozy place or an expensive fine dining restaurant - you surely need a website to stand out.


And here are the very reasons why:




Information matters



We can’t deny that nowadays we seek for info about everything on the Internet before trying or buying it. This being said, food industry is not an exception. People check shops’ websites to see whether they have the needed product, they order food online and of course, they look into the menu to see if the restaurant satisfies their food taste. In one word, restaurants need websites to inform and attract customers. The very thing that a potential customer is able to surf the net for a tasty restaurant and is able to come across your place is pivotal, because it doubles the chances that you are going to gain a new customer right away.


restaurant website




The first impression, too



Continuing the previous point, let’s go deeper into details. To cause customer delight, restaurants need to give as much detailed information as possible: opening/closing hours, restaurant locations, contact information and information about the company, and of course, the detailed menu and prices, and do that in style. Black Angus website is a perfect example of what I say. Detailed menu with various subsections, real images of palatable burgers and juicy salads, and prices for all the above mentioned things.  Plus, cool design and a nice user experience. This is a dream for a gourmet - being able to check the website to find the wanted food and see the prices.


create a restaurant website




It’s all about brand awareness



For new businesses it’s always a challenge to squeeze into the market and create a strong brand recognition. To do so, you first need to gain brand awareness. Advertising and promotions are a part of this activity, however a well planned good website is not a less beneficial tool to create brand awareness. As soon as people start to recall that your restaurant is among the few local ones that has a really good website, know that you’re in the hall of fame!


restaurant website




And yes, low advertising costs



As I have mentioned, you need to launch advertising and promotional campaigns to build brand awareness. Here what it is! Having a good website to some extent prevents you from spending immense sums of money on advertising. In case of websites, there are two possible ways: either you hire a team of specialists, developers and designers to create a website for you, or you craft it yourself making it your most valuable asset using outstanding website builders. Either way you pay just once, and the get a “lifetime” outcome. In case of promotional activities it’s a totally different story. You have to regularly pay certain amounts of money to keep you campaigns alive and up to date.


restaurant website




Customer insight



Do not ever underestimate this point! One of the biggest benefits of a website is that you can have a special section for customer testimonials. This has a huge effect both on the company and the customers. The transparent and fair comments that the customers leave on your website will be a “guiding” for others when deciding whether to try your restaurant or not, and will be a great incentive for your business to perform at your best not to get negative feedback. Maybe you’ll have to keep someone in charge to closely watch and analyze the general level of satisfaction, the good and bad comments and feedback, and of course requests to change some things if necessary. The sooner the changes are implemented, the better for the reputation of your business.


restaurant website




Local identity



Properly functioning attractive website is an amazing way to establish a local identity. Let’s contemplate logically, even major food magnates like McDonalds or Taco Bell have their websites, despite the fact that on the level of local identity, they do not really need it, because they are international companies famous all around the world. For a local business, a good website is a must. Start from the local market, and maybe very soon you’ll be able to expand your restaurant business to a regional level.


restaurant website




Stand out



Your competitors don’t have websites yet? Or they have ones but those are poor and useless? This is your chance to stand out from the competitors and other companies with your uniqueness and professionality. Don’t think that for a restaurant professionality is in the tasty food: in case of a brand image as a whole, professionality is also in good service, nice location, a professional-looking responsive website, etc. Use this opportunity to set a website that will make your brand prove how cool you are once again. Showcase delicious dishes and elegant beverages that will make the visitors of your sites grab the keys and drive directly to the best place in town!


restaurant website




Bottom Line



To be able to attract and impress your customer, you as a restaurant, need to serve good food in a great place in an awesome way. However your restaurant’s online presence is not less important. In fact, it can play you a great benefit both in spreading awareness about your new beginning and in promoting your restaurant through a scrupulously showcased menu.


What are you waiting for? Create a cool website for your restaurant, ensure good quality of food and service and you will be beyond compare!


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