5 Mistakes Beginners Make When Placing Mobile Ads

Written by  Galina Divakova

01 February 2017

5 Mistakes Beginners Make When Placing Mobile Ads

Millions of users around the globe access the web via portable devices and that number increases every year. Mobile searches have long ago surpassed desktop searches, according to Google. If you want to monetize your site better, and you notice that people occasionally browse it on their smartphones or tablets, it is very tempting to make use of this trend and place mobile ads. You definitely should benefit from this opportunity, but first, make sure you avoid these 5 common pitfalls many newbies come across.


Failing to cater to your target audience


You should remember that the ad you place on your site has to fit its context. Otherwise, it will annoy your visitors. If you use Google AdWords, users will be shown ads that match their previous search queries. But if you choose to work with another monetization platform as well (and you actually should in order to get more opportunities and access more ad formats), make sure that you can specify your site category. Then, your site will display only ads that are relevant to your target audience and their interests, such as lifestyle, beauty, news, etc.




Choosing a wrong advertising platform


The mobile market is flexible and fast-growing. To keep up with it, you have to experiment a lot, and it means trying out different monetization platforms. However, to avoid poor results, you should make sure that the one you choose corresponds to the following criteria: 

1) It has been on the market long enough and can guarantee timely payouts;

2) There are ad formats that suit your website design and monetization priorities;

3) It ensures a good fill rate through monetization (the platforms tracks how ads work on your site and makes sure only the best-converting ones are shown);

4) The integration process is easy (it usually takes 3 steps to launch, you have to paste a piece of code between <body> </body> tags or just install a plugin);

5) There are personalization options (e.g. targeting);

6) It offers in-service analytical reports.

A good choice would be a platform that offers programmatic approach, including automated targeting, so ads for show will be chosen automatically based on the place and time when users enter your website and also their behavior and interaction with ads on your site.


Sticking to just one monetization platform


By using only one monetization solution, you risk getting stuck with boring ad formats and miss out the opportunity to get maximum value from your advertising campaign.

Usually, platforms for mobile traffic monetization provide a certain number of ad formats. That is why you should connect to more than one platform to look for the formats you might lack. The main goal here is to use all possible options because each of them can show various degrees of efficiency and can be placed in different ‘gaps’ on your site.

With additional solutions, you will be using all the available opportunities to reach your audience.


Choosing monetization formats that do not convert well


A common mistake that many beginners make is choosing an ad format that doesn’t work for their site and sticking to it. 

Every mobile monetization platform offers a variety of ad formats: banners, pop up, video, full-screen. All of them can show different results.

That is why you need to analyze their performance, compare the metrics (such as CTR, eCPM) over periods of time and eventually, choose the ones that are right for you.

Don’t shy away from experimenting. Connect to the platforms that offer additional ad formats: catfish, dialog, expandable, native ads, etc. Clickky, for instance, offers unique in-text and gift ad formats and even a native API solution. 




Leaving your campaign to take care of itself


Finally, you shouldn’t assume that creating an ad placement is the end of things you were supposed to do for monetization of your website on mobile. In fact, it’s just the beginning. You have to track the results and analyze them, using that information to optimize your campaigns for maximum revenue.

Find the right balance between not enough ads and too many and leverage multiple monetization platforms. 

By following this simple advice, you can avoid making beginner mistakes and fully benefit from the opportunities of mobile traffic monetization.



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