5 Magic Ideas Behind Intuitive Popups

Written by  Ani Avdalyan

03 May 2018

5 Magic Ideas Behind Intuitive Popups

Every website owner knows that the tiniest element on the website can be fatal for the further development and the success of the site. This is why it's essential to make deep detailed research before making changes or additions on the website.


Website popups can be the greatest marketing tools if constructed and implemented wisely enough. It's not a difficult thing to create a popup, if you have a user-friendly tool for website popup creation. The challenge is to know what kind of popups can be of perfect use for specific cases. Another essential point is picking the right way of displaying those website popups on your site not to push your users back, but rather engage them with your offers.



website intro



One more important thing in popup marketing is knowing your audience well enough to present the exact offer that may interest them. Analytical research will greatly help you to get more insight on the preferences of your users and make targeted offers. Geographical factor is something to be considered as well. Country-specific offers will increase the chance of engaging with your users and converting them into your true customers.


Let's check best 5 intuitive popup ideas that can have a great input in the improvement of your website rates.




#1 Surprising welcome


As cliché as it might sound, the first impression is always important, you won't ever have the second chance to remake it. This is why it's so essential to be well-prepared and make the best first impression on your site visitors. The design and the user-friendliness of your website are  the key aspects of representing your service. Of course, this point comes after the page loading speed, which can have the hardest effect on the further investigation of your site by the users. In other words, no one has the patience to wait until your site loads.



Not a less effective trick to engage with any user is offering them some sales, discounts or gifts. And what can be more motivating for a user than being offered one of those cool prizes when they first land on your site?


This can be achieved with a beautifully constructed website popup. Include a positively inviting image in your popup, be creative. Then add a CTA button along with that image, so the users can get the coupon code when they click on the button. This’s it! Be sure, you'll have more sales on your site and the flow will increase. Just make sure to show the popup only once the to each visitor, so you won't lose because of the overdose of the sales. :)


website popup




#2 Gamish Conversion


Make it fun - use game-like popup elements to make your website brighter and engaging and assure more conversions. Website popups are eye-catching elements on their own, in any way. They appear suddenly and attract the users at once.


But you can go further and double the effect to involve more users.



New and unusual elements are always attracting users. Attach some gamish addition and you'll see the power of website popups on your site.


Ever heard about spinner element? This is kind of a casino game-like element that provides with offers to your users in a more fun way. It's actually very much like the "wheel of fortune" with the prize slices and the spinner tool. Include the discounts, sales, free gifts into the slices of the wheel and make your users to spin the wheel and get their prize. 


This is a guaranteed way to engage the users and improve your website at a rapid speed.




#3 Real-Time Conversion


Nothing can be more effective rather than exit intent technology to revert the users who are almost gone.


Exit Intent technology can be a lifesaver for your website if you're seeking ways to bring the abandoning visitors back. The popup opens just as soon as the user navigates to leave your site closing the tab. You got the point, right? Now you should think about the content to keep the users engaged and stop them from leaving your site.

What on earth can be more productive than offering some help just when the user is confused and tries to leave the site?!



Simply include an image of the support representative with help offer. It's important to mention the assistant’s name to make the service more friendly, thus increasing the chance of engaging the departing user.


Provide two options with CTA buttons, so that the user can choose to accept your help with a live chat form, or reject the offer with the second button. The last thing you want here is to be annoying.




#4 Tutorials Are Always A Good Idea


Websites that provide video tutorials are always viewed as more professional and user-friendly. If you have a course of such video tutorials for your service or some related ones, you should do your best to offer them in the best light possible.




website tutorial



Here's when almighty intuitive popups can be of a good help. Simply include one of your video tutorials inside a popup and serve it to your users. This will, of course, interest your users and show that you do care.


But if you want to build a connection with those users and keep them engaged, you should make use of the subscription option. Include a subscription button in your popup, along with the video tutorial offering them to subscribe and receive all the video course. If your video tutorial was really nice, they will subscribe to get more without any doubt.


And, as we all know, the more subscribers you have, the bigger the chances of an efficient online presence.




#5 Mobile Marketing


Popups can be too irritating when it comes to their usage on mobile devices. The most common mistake of popup usage on mobile websites is the triggering event and size selection for the popups. The popups are sometimes too big and not responsive on smaller screens, thus interrupting the users while they're on the site. What's even worse, these popups sometimes have no way to escape (i.e. till you subscribe or the video ad ends). Let's admit, this is the most nerve-taking thing on any website.


This can greatly affect your website reputation and increase the bounce rate. This is why you should be extra cautious when having a popup on mobile website.


It may seem a really hard task if you don't know the rules of using popups on mobile devices.



mobile version



According to Google's last year announcement, popups should be optimized for mobile screens, not to interrupt with the users on the site. The popup should not cover more than the 40% of the mobile screen. It should also have ways to escape it, like a usual close button, or CTA buttons to close it. Besides, you should consider the time of showing the popup on mobile screen. It shouldn't appear as soon as the website loads. Set it to appear either with some time delay or make it appear while scrolling down the page.


This way the users won't be pushed away from your site because of the popups.


Even more, if you have enticing offers inside those popups, they may bring more conversion - even on mobile websites.






Website effectiveness mainly depends on the conversion rates in which a great part goes to the user role. The connection between the site owners and the users is one of the essentials that can be life-saving for any website effectiveness.


A successful website owner should periodically make analytical research to be well informed about their users. If you know your audience, you'll know what and when to offer them to get more profit.


Website popups are one of the most effective ways of showing offers and advertisements on the site. This is the most engaging method to keep the connection with users and show the offers in the most attractive way.

popup style



If you have a good and user-friendly popup maker tool, you'll easily construct any type of popup, from simple subscription to complex multi-functional mix popups. What we mean by saying "mix popups" is the collaboration of multiple popup elements, all used in one window. You can easily show a video and a subscription form inside the single popup, to promote more subscriptions showing a good video tutorial.


Consider some essentials concerning popup size on different devices, about proper popup triggering events and targeting audiences, and you'll have a huge success in your website development with intuitive popups!



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