5 E-Commerce trends to pay attention to in 2018

Written by  Mark

07 June 2018

5 E-Commerce trends to pay attention to in 2018

2017 was full of surprises for the E-commerce and few steps we took during 2017 showed us what we can expect from E-commerce trends in the following year. What can you do to keep up with the updates 2018 brought us and what are the things you have to consider? I want to share with you the most important E-commerce trends you’d better follow if you want to make it in 2018.




Personalize your site


There are tons of websites that sell tons of products and why should your site be the one to remember? Do you have a unique call to action on your website or are you too lazy to make that important moment personal? Well, if you are one of the lazy people, I must say that now is the last train for you to move out of the Lazytown. One of the biggest trends in 2018 is personalization and if your site is not unique, you won’t surely have a good time.


There are numerous websites on the internet and customers expect great deal of effort from your side. If they don’t see that with you, they will simply switch to another online store who has what they want.  People know that internet shopping is a business which is constantly increasing and that means they know that their expectations can be big, so make sure to impress them from the very moment they’ve landed on your website.


ecommerce trends 2018


Do your best to be unique, useful and, what is most important, make people trust you. If your website looks like you don’t care about your business, your potential customers will see that too.




DIY is getting more popular


Yes, Pinterest is the root of all DIY websites, but last year was all about Etsy and Amazon Handmade. People are aware that they can make extra money on DIY and by buying a handmade product, they are helping each other. Don’t be too surprised when you start to notice a lot DIY products around you.


And the deal is not only with the DIY items, but also with websites made on your own. DIY website builders are just another trend you don’t want to fall behind.


ecommerce trends 2018


Ucraft can be a great pick, both for building online stores or just simple websites. The drag and drop builder makes it possible to start interesting DIY projects involving your products as well as bringing your already established business online. What a bad way to be creative, engage your public with giveaways where they can show their creativity and you will see the results soon.




Get a Chatbot


Chatbots are new trend which is growing rapidly on the market. But, you have to be careful with them. There are good chatbots which are helping your customers and there are bad chatbots which are only annoying. Don’t jump into business with the first chatbot you see, because they may not be the best ones.


They are a pretty new trend on the web, that’s why it is extremely important to do your homework before entering collaboration with anyone. Make sure that your chatbot is not aggressive and can really provide help to your customers rather than get on their nerves. You don’t want to be that site who scares away its customers with bad quality chatbots, right?




Proper way to promote


You have tried Facebook ads, Google ads and other promotions and you are ok with that, but it could be better. Now is the perfect time to incorporate videos in your day-to-day routine. Videos are the best way to show your product because a video speaks louder than a picture. People often ask themselves whether the image is photoshopped, but that’s not something they will have any doubts about when it comes to a video.


ecommerce trends 2018


Yes you can edit video but you can’t make so many adjustments as with the pictures. I mean, you can, if you have gazillion dollars but then you wouldn’t be here right? You would be at the beach on some tropic island drinking cold drinks and enjoying the sun.


Videos do better because people see you, listen to you and interact with you. Even the Huffington Post said that almost 80% of all internet sales will be made from video content by 2020. As you can see, now is the best time to start gradually switching to video advertising and updating most of your content to the video.







To keep up with the flow of evolving trends, you need to stay a step ahead in the online business world. Trust me, there are many more, but this is a good place to start: why don’t you craft your E-commerce website first to deploy these strategies. Whatever strategy you’ll pursue in this year, make sure you’ll test your E-commerce experience at all times.


Author bio: Mark is a gadget freak who loves everything related to technology and internet. In his free time, he is looking at new gadgets on the internet and writes on his blog called the Foosball Zone. The only thing that he loves more than technology is foosball.





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