4 Steps Towards Launching An Effective Remarketing Campaign

Written by  Nazeli Abrahamyan

27 June 2018

4 Steps Towards Launching An Effective Remarketing Campaign

Does it happen to you to navigate to a website and move on without taking the action you were supposed to take? Well, not a pleasant moment for the marketer dealing with that site, let’s admit. Any marketer worries about the bounce rate as it is of vital importance if you rely on inbound traffic for sales or leads. Even though we do believe in second chances, it is almost impossible to engage customers for the second time. This is where you should move straight to remarketing and launch an appropriate campaign to be success.




Remarketing or Retargeting?



Let’s just figure out what is remarketing first. Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is the implementation of ads to target those who have already shown an interest in your products or services by visiting your website and have left it. For example, you searched for sneakers but somehow didn’t buy a pair from that website. Accidentally, you come across an ad letting you know that those sneakers are now on sale or the shop’s offering free shipping. This is what we call remarketing!


remarketing campaign


So, with good remarketing strategy you can increase customer retention on your website, if you’re doing it the right way! Let us guide you through this process.




Step 1. Remarketing goals



No surprise the best tool for your remarketing campaign may be Google Adwords to achieve maximum reach to your target audience. Talking about target audience, it is essential to realise who your intended users are. Based on your decision, let’s ponder over the goals your remarketing campaign is aiming for.


One scenario is aiming at visitors who did not take an action on your page while being a potential lead. In another case, you aim at visitors who got to the checkout page but did not complete the purchase. And also, you may target visitors who try to promote content on your website.


Have you made up your mind? Depending on the goal you may determine your further tasks. You can get higher conversion rates by offering specific products or services to exact customers. Consider creating such ads that will appeal your target audience, work on custom pages that remarketing campaign is meant for.




Step 2. Setting up Your Campaign



Let us go ahead and set up the campaign for the beginning with the help of Google Adwords. This tool gives a special option of picking audience for your website. But before getting started, make sure to install Remarketing tag on every webpage on your site. You will get the choice to focus on this target groups:


- Website visitors

- Mobile app users

- Customer emails

- YouTube users


If we zoom in, your campaign goals determine who you should add to your remarketing lists. For one, in case of website visitors you can choose one from the list:


remarketing campaign


Each group has its specific list which gives you a variety of target groups for your remarketing campaign.


Time to create the ad! Dig into the options Adwords offers by choosing Display Network only.


remarketing campaign


Things get easy when you click on ‘Create an ad group and ad,’  then select the option of ‘Interests & remarketing.’ You can then pick the list you want to remarket to.


There is one point you should take into notice. You can learn how to remarket to people within the search listings, known as ‘Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA).’  With RLSA, you not only set up a remarketing campaign but also gain visitors via specific keywords. Sounds appealing, right?


After all, you can experiment with both options to achieve impressive results and your business will benefit from remarketing or retargeting.




Step 3. On-site Optimization



Once you have created your remarketing campaign, you are ready to polish it up. Here comes on-site optimization. Let’s say the traditional remarketing is off-site remarketing because you target your potential customers after they leave your site. Thus you have to deal with on-site optimization as well and target your potential customers before they get to leave by various tactics, like an exit popup. You can be creative and implement other solutions.


remarketing campaign


With this strategy you can catch the users’ behavior and offer a discount and something else which will keep them on board and turn them into customers.




Step 4. Tracking Your Campaign



Surprise! Setting up a perfect campaign is not enough. You should also keep track of the results you get from it. Do you calculate the time spent by the user? The more they stay, the more interested they are in your content and will turn into your customers. This is an indicator that you should limit your budget for those who are not into your website.


Another way, you can use Dynamic Remarketing Ads. What makes the difference? They contain exact products and services that your visitors have seen on your site. This is a great solution for E-commerce websites. Just make sure your ads display product/service-specific images of your business.


remarketing campaign


You may think of other strategies as well, once you get the big picture of your retargeting campaign. So, take your time to analyze every detail on the way.




Bonus Tips



#1 There is a fine line between remarketing and online stalking, so take it slow! Make sure not to inundate your potential and recent customers with your ads.


#2 Use ad scheduling and frequency caps to help you avoid overexposure. Frequency capping will help you limit the number of times your ads appear to the same person.


#3 Creativity will be rewarded! Think thoroughly about every detail: from the images you display to the texts.


They say everyone deserves a second chance, so does your website with a proper remarketing campaign. If you are still not sure about starting a website of your products or service, just because you get one shot in marketing, think twice and take action. What about starting from the idea, then picking a website builder like Ucraft, and designing your website?! Afterwards, you can dive into the marketing strategies that you think will work out. In any case, you have a plan B named remarketing or retargeting.




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