With more than the apparent increase in sales during the holiday season, combined with the fact that today almost every shopper is mobile-savvy which will boost those numbers even further, a proper preparation for the most wonderful time of the year presents quite a lucrative opportunity.

13 November 2018

Unless your blog is news only, you need a part of the content that remains valuable and relevant over time. In other words, your readers should learn something from it, whatever the publication date is. There are also several other reasons to add evergreen content to your blog. Check them out.

10 November 2018

The world of marketing has transitioned to a far more tech-focused business model in recent years. What began with simple additions to the marketing toolkit, such as social media and Google ads, has been transformed by the wide adoption of technologies such as virtual reality. One of the biggest changes in the industry is the addition of artificial intelligence (AI).

06 November 2018

When someone is looking for a new job, they often check LinkedIn for probable vacancies to send a CV. What if this “someone” is not a person, but a company. Companies, like people, are looking for opportunities with new partners, that is why making B2B marketing on  LinkedIn has become a very important issue.

03 November 2018

eCommerce websites emerge as the one-stop-solution that help users to buy or sell a product or service. In order to become a master in this domain, there are plenty of things you need to consider. No matter how experienced you are, there is always a scope of mistake but, yes, probably there are chances of improvement also. In order to succeed, make sure to avoid some of the common UI/UX mistakes.

01 November 2018

Mobile app or Mobile website can always be a topic of a heated discussion. There are some people who feel that they do not need a mobile app. All they need is a website that looks great on mobile devices. Mobile apps serve benefits that a website cannot offer. Which one is right? Find out here.

25 October 2018

Those billboards hanging high up, with a bunch of brand logos on that somehow stick to our minds from the first glance. Thought about the creation process behind? Well, if you’re a designer, of course, you have. And this article is exactly for you. Ok, so you just got a job: creating a logo for a new brand. Do you have your own thought process? What crazy things do you do? We know you might get stuck from time to time.

28 September 2018

A quick recap from CMSSummit 2018, the MERGE Show: great events, keynote sessions and bright and motivated web leaders and innovators gathered under the Florida sky.

19 September 2018

Besides delivering valuable content on various subjects, Ucraft is primarily a drag and drop website builder. Our goal is to bring you an easy-to-use solution that will enable you to create beautiful websites, regardless of your previous experience.